Jobs & Business Opportunites in/near Windermere, FL

Sunshine of Central Florida region (credit: Windermere Sun-Susan Sun Nunamaker)

Sunshine of Central Florida/Windermere region (credit: Windermere Sun-Susan Sun Nunamaker)

Dear Friends & Neighbors,

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Windermere Blue Sunset (credit: Windermere Sun-Susan Sun Nunamaker)

Windermere Blue Sunset (credit: Windermere Sun-Susan Sun Nunamaker)

The other day I saw one of our neighbors in the neighborhood loading up their UHaul, getting ready to move out of the state. Even though they’ve enjoyed staying in Central Florida/Windermere and made a lot of friends in the area these past few years, they felt that they needed to move due to change of job. Whenever I see such events occurring, I cannot help wondering if they have exhausted all possibilities of job search here in Central Florida area. For any home owners, any relocation can easily end up costing $50,000+, after expenses of selling and buying a home, loss of opportunity cost due to time lost from the move, potential spousal job opportunity loss, in addition to diminished friendship and sunshine from Central Florida area. Finally, don’t forget the benefit of being a Florida state resident, zero state income tax. So, this post is an attempt to help any one who is/will be looking for work in Central Florida area. Hopefully, this will help to widen the scope for all of those who would like to be able to remain in Central Florida/Windermere area, below:

1. Disney Careers: Disney offers a wide range of job opportunities (with much employees’ benefit) in full-time, part-time, and seasonal work, in great variety of career areas and age groups.

2. Universal Studio: Universal Studio also offers a wide range of job opportunities (with much employees’ benefit). As a matter of fact, I personally knew of a couple such that the husband worked for Disney and the wife worked for Universal Studio, so together they maximized the family benefit from both theme parks (smart couple:-))

3. Job listings in/near Windermere area at

4. Job listings in/near Windermere area at

5. Job listings in/near Windermere area at

6. Job listings in/near Windermere area at craigslist.

7. Job listings in/near Windermere area at

8. Job listings in/near Windermere area at

9. Job listings in/near Windermere area at

10.Job listings in/near Windermere area at

11.Job listings in/near Windermere area at

12. Movie Extras, Actors and Models Wanted


14. Connecting candidates with companies at

15. Opportunities in Central Florida

16. Job opportunities at/near Windermere area at

17. Job listings in/near Windermere area at

18. Job listings in/near Windermere area at

19. Job listings in/near Windermere or Orlando area at

20. Job listings in/near Windermere or Orlando area at

Now, for those of you who have greater affinity for autonomy and entrepreneurship, I have found some franchise and business opportunities for you, below:

***Collaboration & Napkin Contract

***The Profit, Marcus Lemonis, Not For Fools But For People-Process-Product

1. Franchise opportunities in Florida

2. Orlando, FL businesses for sale

3. Florida Franchises for sale

4. Established Orlando Businesses for sale

5. Another Site for Established Orlando Businesses for sale

6. Businesses For Sale in Orlando, Florida

7.  Franchise Opportunities or its Facebook page

8.  Check Out The Orlando Science Center For Fun and Inspirations (04/28/2016)



1. Entrepreneur as a Uber Rideshare Service

2. Entrepreneur as a Lyft Rideshare Service

3. Potential Business Opportunity via Landfills at: Gov. Scott, Can You Really Wish This Away?!

4. Franchisegator

5. What Would You Do To Reduce Food Waste in “Just Eat It-A Food Waste Movie”

6. AACC (Asian American Chamber of Commerce)’s Speed Networking

7. Enjoy Gourmet Food On Wheel In Windermere On Friday Night or Wanting To Start A Food Truck Business?

8. Mini Golf Fun at Hollywood Drive-In Golf of Orlando, FL

9. Helping Our Community By Recycling Our E-Wastes

10. Here Comes The Sun

11. First Annual Windermere Art Affair Will Take Place in 2016!

12. Trader Joe’s, Where Great Quality Foods+Great Prices=Value

13. Finest Ceramics From China (Jingdezhen) Can Now Be Found In Orlando

14.  First Annual Windermere Art Affair Will Take Place in 2016!

15. Pleasure of the Mind & Senses or Piano Lessons at Tai Shen Book Bar

16. September Dining-Luau By The Lake At The Pines

17. Students For Liberty

18. Pretty Women Consignment Shop, Where Women Are Treated Beautifully

19. Community Yard Sale at Providence Community on Oct. 17, 2015

20. Visitors To Windermere Sun

21. Holiday Open House

22. Rules For Success!

23. Orlando Open Coffee Club Meetup, 11/24/2015, 12/8/2015, 12/22/2015

24.  Holiday Preparations: (12/1/2015)

25.  Ask Dennis To Paint Your Mailbox & Post (12/13/2015)

26.  Upscale Apparel WithVivien Spuehler (12/14/2015)

27.  Solar For Oil: Miracle On Pennsylvania Avenue (12/21/2015)

28.  Merry Christmas & Have A Sunny 2016! (12/25/2015)

29.  Many Ways For Floridians To Go Solar (01/04/2016)

30.  Visitors To Windermere Sun Covered 6 Continents In 2015 (01/05/2016)

31. Meritage Homes Sets Solar Standard For Future Homes & Anticipation For President Obama’s Final State of the Union Address (01//11/2016)

32.  Le Cafe de Paris-A Place of Intimate Ambiance w/Upcoming Live Music “A Night In Paris”-Thurs., Jan. 14, 2016 (01/12/2016)

33.  POTUS Who Tweets (01/13/2016)

34.   Farmer’s Markets of Greater Windermere Area (01/15/2016)

35.  Fantastic Flavorful Jams of Lisa Plasencia’s Sweet Baby Girl Company (01/18/2016)

36.  Sonia’s Kupcakes’ Cupcakes For Your Next Special Occasion (01/19/2016)

37.  Experience The Purity & Innocence of An Exotic Continent Through Jonathan Kioko’s Gallery (01/20/2016)

38.  Little Penny Creations Brings Message of Joy, Hope, & Happiness (01/21/2016)

39.  Kona Dog Awaits You (01/22/2016)

40.  Updates on Floridians For Solar Choice/NFIB Free Webinars For Small Business (01/25/2016)

41.   How To Clean Out Your Closet While Making Some Cash Too (01/26/2016)

42.   Tasty Tuesday For Your Next Hangout (01/29/2016)

43.  WordPress Orlando On Site Optimization (02/01/2016)

44.  Elon Musk Looking Into The Future (02/02/2016)

45.  Maruca’s & Paul’s Health & Smile Via Earth Medicine (02/03/2016)

46.  Art Forms Inspired By The Month of Lunar New Year & Love (02/04/2016)

47.  Inspired Meetup at Orlando Open Office Club of Catalyst (02/05/2016)

48.  What To Do With These Old Mattresses?! (02/09/2016)

49.  Sharing Italians’ Love of Pasta (02/10/2016)

50.  Certified Chem Dry Has Arrived To Keep Your Carpet Clean and Dry (02/11/2016)

51.  How We Should Celebrate Our Time In History (02/15/2016)

52.  Fresh Produce To Your Door (02/16/2016)

53.  What To Do For Floridians To Go Solar (02/17/2016)

54.  50 Entrepreneurs’ Priceless Advice (02/18/2016)

55.  Need To Nourish Entrepreneurship (02/19/2016)

56.  Soul Searching of an Entrepreneur-Want-T-Be (02/22/2016)

57.  So You Decide To Take The Leap To Become An Entrepreneur (02/23/2016)

58.  Marketing-The Art & Science of Persuasion (02/24/2016)

59.  Two Important Elements of Any Business-Finance & Insurance (02/25/2016)

60.  Farming, Any One ? (02/26/2016)

61.  A Natural Farm & Educational Center With Luc & Sonia Duytsche (03/02/2016)

62. (03/03/2016)

63.  Lakefront Farmer’s Market at Summerport Village of Windermere, FL Is Here! (03/04/2016)

64.  Natural Healing With Sandra Sigur (03/08/2016)

65.  Jean Perpillant, Providing WordPress Service, Web Design, and Professional Photography Services (03/11/2016)

66.  Orlando Ballet School-For Athletics, Beauty, Fun, and Health (03/14/2016)

67.  Delicate Brazilian Sweets at Windermere Farmer’s Market-Brigadeiro Go of Manu Mesquita (03/18/2016)

68.  How Much Should We Trust? (03/21/2016)

69.  Miracle Healing Via Clean Greens (03/22/2016)

70.  Our Hats Off To Jean Vasicek, Local Beekeeper For Winter Park Honey (03/23/2016)

71.  Unveiling of Tesla Model 3/FB Page For Buying-Selling-Trading in Windermere & Winter Garden (04/05/2016)

72.  15th Annual Spring Fever In The Winter Garden Is Upon Us! (04/06/2016)

73.  Our Very Own Floridian Teen Entrepreneur For NOHBO, Swimming With The Sharks (04/07/2016)

74.  Welcome To 25th Annual Florida Film Festival (FFF) (04/08/2016)

75.  Check Out The Orlando Science Center For Fun and Inspirations! (04/28/2016)

76.  Our 21st Century 4R’s Commerce (Recycle-Reuse-Repair-Reduce) in the Sharing Economy, Windermere & Winter Garden Online Yard Sale (05/02/2016)

77.  Happy Upcoming Mother’s Day! (05/05/2016)

78.  It’s Luck Until You’ve Done It Twice-Falcon 9 Has Done It Again! (05/06/2016)

79.  Visit NEC (National Entrepreneur Center) To Help Grow Your Business (05/09/2016)

80. How To Avoid Employee Fraud/Theft (05/10/2016)

81.  Peak Season For U-Pick Blueberries at Beck Brothers Blueberry Farm (05/20/2016)

82. Project 7-Kids Love Yoga Camp (05/23/2016)

83. Upcoming Mia Supermarket at 2415 E. Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL in June (05/24/2016)

84. Living Big In A Tiny House (05/26/2016)

85. Elon Musk Talks About Future and AI During Code Conference 2016 (06/03/2016)

86. Ananda Natural Soy Candle Company of Teresa Baer Olive at Windermere Farmer’s Market (06/08/2016)

87. ORC (Orlando Rowing Club) (06/09/2016)

88. Hydroponic Farming of Bekemeyer Family Farm in Winter Garden, Florida (06/15/2016)

89. Free Auricular Therapy at FCIM (Florida College of Integrative Medicine) On June 18, 2016 (06/20/2016)

90.GES2016 (Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2016-1)-Glocal Economy (06/27/2016)

91. GES2016 (Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2016-2)-Between Senior Advisor to president Obama, Valerie Jarrett & Uber Cofounder Travis Kalanick (06/28/2018)

92. GES2016 (Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2016-3)-Why President Obama Feels Entrepreneurship Is Important (06/29/2016)

93. GES2016 (Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2016-4)-Virtual Reality (06/30/2016)

94. GES2016 (Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2016-5)-Orlando/Central Florida May Be The Next Diverse Silicon Valley (07/01/2016)

95. Delicious GES2016 Companies and Products Are Growing!! (07/05/2016)

96. New Hotto Potto Location: 1700 N. Semoran Blvd., #118, Orlando, FL Awaits You (07/06/2016)

97. Will Orlando International Airport Be Ready To Drum To The Solar Beat? (07/07/2016)

98. Katy Tate, Recipient of Tremaine’s Outstanding Alum Award, Understands That To Dance Is To Celebrate Being Alive (07/08/2016)

99. Networking Out of the Box (07/11/2016)

100.Massage May Be Good For Many Reasons (07/12/2016)

101.Video Games, No Longer Sedentary (07/15/2016)

102. “Quickly Boba & Snow”, Needed In Windermere & Everywhere (07/18/2016)

103.Is Our Universe A Simulation? (07/19/2016)

104.What Windermere Sun Can Do For You During First Meetup, September 29, 2016, at Windermere Library-Meeting Room (07/20/2016)

105.Take Control of Your Energy Use & Save Money (07/21/2016)

106.Clean Out Your Clothes Dryer Lint & Duct To Avoid Fire! (07/22/2016)

107.Dr. Phillips Center For Performing Arts (07/25/2016)

108.Check Out The Awesome Disney Springs! (07/27/2016)

109.YESS of Orlando, FL, Is A Valuable Resource Center, Esp. For Asian Americans! (07/28/2016)

110.Central Florida Veg Fest 2016 Is Coming! (08/15/2016)

111.Ice Cream & Miracles Fundraising Event at Allen’s Creamery & CoffeeHouse at Downtown Windermere (08/16/2016)

112.Florida Getting Ready For The Congressional Election 2016 (08/19/2016)

113.Vote YES On Amendment 4 On August Primary Ballot To Support Solar In Florida (08/25/2016)

114.Family Food Truck Round Up at Windermere Town Hall Tonight-Thinking of a New Career in Food Truck Business? (08/26/2016)

115.Allen’s Creamery & CoffeeHouse & Winnie Palmer Hospital Collaborate in Helping Tiny Babies With Big Miracles (08/29/2016)

116.We Did It! Amendment 4 Passed! (08/30/2016)

117. Explosion of SpaceX’s Rocket & Satellite at Cape Canaveral/Hurricane Hermine, First Hurricane To make Landfall in FL in 11 Years (09/01/2016)

118. How About Starting A Bike Shop? (09/02/2016)

119. Online Yard Sale! (09/09/2016)

120.Home & Garden Show 2016 at Orlando Convention Center (09/14/2016)

121. National Drive Electric Week-Valencia College Helping Central Floridians To Transition Into Sustainable Living (09/16/2016)

122.Special Edition-Celebrating National Drive Electric Week-Any One Interested In Starting A Smartscooter Franchise Via Gogoro? (09/17/2016)

123.Revisiting “My French Cafe” in 2016 (09/20/2016)

124.Sharing Clean Disruption NOW-Why Current Energy & Transportation System Will Be Obsolete by 2030 (09/22/2016)

125.You’re Invited To The First Meetup of Windermere Sun, Sep.29, 2016, 6:00-7:30 PM (09/23/2016)

126.Asian Cultural Expo On Oct. 15, 2016, at Turkey Lake of Bill Frederick Park of Orlando (09/26/2016)

127.ARTlando On Oct. 1, 2016-One Day, One Festival, All Art (09/27/2016)

128.Fear Not, Out Future Will Be Full of Artistic Imagination and Customization (09/28/2016)

129.Our First Meetup at Windermere Branch Library (aka Franklin W. Chase Memorial Public Library)-Meeting Room, 6:00-7:30 PM!(09/29/2016)

130.Install Solar For Savings In Florida!(09/30/2016)

131. Make It To “Maker Faire Orlando” (10/03/2016)

132. What To Ask Your Potential Solar Installer (10/04/2016)

133. Revisiting “Quickly Boba & Snow” (10/05/2016)

134. Vote “NO” On Amendment 1 In November!!! (10/10/2016)

135. Create More Value Than You Capture/Work On Stuff That Matters! (10/21/2016)

136. Halloween Party & Costume Party at Windermere Town Hall (10/24/2016)

137. UCF Business Incubator Program May Help Some of the Startups in Central Florida (10/26/2016)

138. UCF Business Incubator Program May Help Some of the Startups in Central Florida (10/26/2016)

139. The Future We Want: Solar Roof+EV+Battery Storage (10/29/2016)

140.Let’s Delay The Flood->Vote “NO” On Amendment 1 In November (11/01/2016)

141.Ask David MacLean About “Superior Organic Solutions For Home & Business Owners, Farmers, and Gardeners” (11/04/2016)

142.Upcoming November Events (11/12/2016)

143.Amendment 1 Is Defeated! Florida Needs Fair Value of Solar! (11/08/2016)

144.Windermere & Maitland Farmer’s Market (11/10/2016)

145.Windermere Sun Meetup on Thursday, November 17, 2016 (11/11/2016)

146. Maker Faire Orlando 2016 (11/14/2016)

147. Deb Schroeder, Top Notch Realtor For Windermere-Winter Garden Area (11/15/2016)

148. Lakes of Windermere Fall Festival at the Gazebo 2016 (11/16/2016)

149. Windermere Sun Nov. Meetup-Increasing Our Odds of Longevity Via Organic Farming/Gardening/Food/Produce (11/17/2016)

150. Marshall Pitcairn’s Indiegogo Campaign For Zero Energy Apartment Living For Cleaner/Renewable Future (11/18/2016)

151.Idyllic Sunset of Central Florida Inspires Us To Search For Healthy Longevity-Drew Kammer Brings Us Isagenix International Anti-Aging Products (11/20/2016)

152.30th Annual Festival of Trees of Orlando Museum of Art (11/21/2016)

153. Growers & Tree Lovers, Get Ready For Windermere Treebute/Florida Arbor Day In January 2017! (12/01/2016)

154. Orlando International Airport Expansion or Capital Improvement Plan (12/02/2016)

155. Let It Glow….Let It Glow….(12/05/2016)

156. Our Future With Elon Musk’s Master Plan, Part II/Passing of John Glenn (12/08/2016)

157. Free Limited Edition 2016 Collectible Holiday Ornament & Holiday Movie Night at Windermere, FL on Sat., Dec.10, 2016 (12/10/2016)

158. National Geographic’s Miniseries “Mars” Edutains Our Future Generation (12/12/2016)

159. Holiday Elf at USPS & Holiday Alternatives (12/13/2016)

160. Need Funding? Stage Is Set For Renewable and Solar Energy Projects (12/19/2016)

161. Interested in Flash Mobs? (12/21/2016)

162. How Much Does Fact Matter As We Evolve? Is Internet Creating a Splinternet (12/22/2016)

163. Amazon May Fulfill Your Dreams in 1 or 2 Hours (12/23/2016)

164. Windermere High School On Schedule, Interested in Working There? (12/26/2016)

165. What Is Social Enterprise (12/27/2016)

166. Dorothy Lumley Melrose Center at Orlando, Florida, Will Help You To Create! (01/05/2017)

167. Hidden Cypress Hollow at Windermere Farmer’s Market (01/09/2017)

168. Dragon Parade Lunar New Year Festival on Feb. 11, 2017, at Fashion Square Mall, in Orlando (01/12/2017)

169. Tesla’s Solar City Is In Florida Looking For Ambassadors! (01/16/2017)

170. Tremendous Turnout at the Women’s March at Orlando on January 21, 2017, at Lake Eola (01/21/2017)

171. 13th Annual Windermere Treebute/Arbor Day Celebration 2017 (01/23/2017)

172.Remembering Mary Tyler Moore, A Feminist of Her Time (01/25/2017)

173.Whole Foods’ Market Now Delivers (01/26/2017)

174.Florida Polytech Collaborates With MIT To Bring Autonomous Vehicles Course To Central Florida (01/27/2017)

175. Look For Tropical Smoothie Cafe In Your Area (02/01/2017)

176. The Future of Protein (02/02/2017)

177.Daisy Morales at Democratic Women’s Club of West Orange County of Florida (02/06/2017)

178.Let’s Observe Black History Month (02/08/2017)

179. Don’t Miss The Dragon Parade Lunar New Year Festival in Orlando at Fashion Square Mall on Saturday, Feb. 11, 2017 (02/09/2017)

180.Interesting Valentine Gift Ideas (02/10/2017)

181.Windermere Art Affair (02/13/2017)

182.Happy Valentine’s Day (02/14/2017)

183.6th Annual Winter Garden Blues & BBQ Festival (02/16/2017)

184.Tour Latino on Sunday, Feb. 19, 2017 (02/17/2017)

185.Central Florida Fair in March (02/20/2017)

186.LifeStyle Medicine To Improve the Future of Medicine (02/21/2017)

187.Vertical Garden of Lime Garage at Disney Springs (02/23/2017)

188.Have You Tried Any Meal-Kit Delivery Services? (02/24/2017)

189.Jimmy Kimmel Has Humanized The Oscars Award Event (02/27/2017)

190.World Maths Day or World Math Day Occurs in First Wednesday of March (03/01/2017)

191.President Donald Trump’s First Address To Congress (03/01/2017)

192.Seasons 52 With Fresh Seasonal Ingredients (03/02/2017)

193.Village Inn of Winter Garden Is For Pie Lovers-Free Slice of Pie With Any Purchase On Wednesday!!! (03/03/2017)

194.Changing Attitude Toward Cannabis by Florida Law Makers, Filing Bills to Decriminalize Small Amounts of Marijuana (03/13/2017)

195.Florida Puerto Rican Parade & Festival Banquet on April 27, Parade & Festival on April 29, 2017, Honoring Congressman Darren Soto & Other Puerto Rican Public Servant (03/15/2017)

196.Ad Space in Windermere Sun ( is Valuable and Effective (03/16/2017)

197.How Did You Spend St. Patrick’s Day? (03/17/2017)

198.Don’t Forget Food Truck Friday in Downtown Windermere on March 24! (03/21/2017)

199.Windermere Downtown Activities (03/27/2017)

200.KC’s Crepes LLC at Windermere Farmers Market on Fridays (03/29/2017)

201.Cocoa Brothers’ Splendid Chocolates/Maddow’s Special Report on Congressional Investigation Into Trump-Russia Relationship/LIVE:Space X Launches First Recycled Rocket (03/30/2017)

202.Kids Create Art-New Session Starts April 1, 2017 (03/31/2017)

203.GWN Dragon Boat Walgreens SPACE COAST DRAGON BOAT FESTIVAL Will Take Place on April 8, 2017 (03/31/2017)

204.First Re-Used Rocket Successfully Launched by Space X, Changing Space Exploration History (03/31/2017)

205.Upcoming Winter Garden Spring Fever Festival on April 8 & 9, 2017 (04/04/2017)

206.“Innovations in Sports Medicine” at Guidewell Innovation Center on April 13, 2017 (04/05/2017)

207. Let’s Celebrate & Protect Our Home, The Beautiful Blue Planet-Earth, On Earth Day or Any Other Day (04/06/2017)

208.Overly Regulated USA (04/07/2017)

209.Mother’s Love Behind the Story of Kashmiir Cocoa Tea at Windermere Farmers Market (04/10/2017)

210. United Airlines GOOFED Big Time!!! Upgrading From Breaking Guitar to Breaking Passenger (04/11/2017)

211. Winter Garden Spring Fever Festival 2017 Was A Great Hit! (04/12/2017)

212. Update on United Airline Fiasco (04/17/2017)

213. Final Analysis of United-Dr. Dao Incident, Dr. David Dao Should Be Viewed As A Hero For American Consumers! (04/18/2017)

214. A Galaxy In The Making (04/19/2017)

215. Frugality May Lead To Earlier Financial Freedom (04/21/2017)

216. Understanding Universal Basic Income (04/24/2017)

217. Interested in Farm Loans? (04/25/2017)

218. American Airlines’ Admiral’s Club of Orlando Has Arrived! (04/27/2017)

219. Ways To Care For Our Planet-Living Healthily & Sustainably (04/28/2017)

220. Climate March of Orlando on April 29, 2017 (05/01/2017)

221. Climate March of Washington D.C. on April 29, 2017 (05/01/2017)

222. Pet Fest of Windermere 2017 (05/01/2017)

223. Cinco de Mayo Festival at Downtown Windermere on May 5, Friday (05/02/2017)

224. Casselberry Earth Fest 2017 (05/02/2017)

225. May-Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month (view it at a desktop computer, too many videos for smartphones) (05/03/2017)

226. Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work Day of Southwest Florida Water Management District (05/04/2017)

227. Land Development Opportunity (05/04/2017)

228. Which Solar Vehicle Will Make It Into The U.S. Showroom First: Tesla or Toyota? (05/08/2017)

229. Is This A Repeat of the History?! (05/09/2017)

230. Job Fair at Sheridan at Windermere on Wed., 5/10/2017 (05/09/2017)

231. Elon Musk/Tesla Never Fails To Bring Us Good News! (05/11/2017)

232. Orlando Mayor’s Job Fair on May 17, 2017 (05/12/2017)

233. Mother’s Day at Leu Gardens (05/12/2017)

234. Solar Powered Flying Pods of Transit X Are Coming (05/18/2017)

235. Interested In Becoming An UPS Store Franchisee? (05/19/2017)

236.SCORE For Small Business Owners (05/19/2017)

237.Garage/Estate Sales on Saturday, May 20, 2017, in Windermere (05/20/2017)

238.In-Depth Interview of Sally Yates (05/20/2017)

239.Come Celebrate the “Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month” In Orlando, FL (05/24/2017)

240.Come Celebrate the “Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month” In Orlando, FL (05/24/2017)

241. Is It Really a ‘Foundation For American Greatness’? (05/24/2017)

242. Update on Investigation While Trump Is Away-6, Is This Reality or Fiction? (05/26/2017)

243. Jacque Fresco, American Futurist, Dreamer, and Founder of The Venus Project (05/26/2017)

244. Update on Investigation While Trump Is Away-5, Jared Kushner, Son-In-Law of President Trump, Is Now Under FBI Scrutiny In Russia Probe (05/26/2017)

245. Class For Gardening for Pollinators at Leu Gardens (05/30/2017)

246. Cat Louise/Success & Happiness (06/03/2017)

247. Tails-a-Wagin Dog Contest (06/03/2017)

248. Florida Hospital Preparing For The Future of Medicine (06/06/2017)

249. Windermere High School Is Here! (06/07/2017)

250. Orlando United Day-A Day of Love and Kindness (06/12/2017)

251. Flying Car, The Future of Transport (06/17/2017)

252. Solar & Wind, No Longer The Smallest Kids On The Energy Block (06/19/2017)

253. New Consumer Model For Clothing To Save Our Planet (06/21/2017)

254. Florida Solar (06/23/2017)

255. Friendship/Sunshine-No Shadow (06/24/2017)

256. Bravo For Clean Disruptions-Toney Seba Guiding Us Through Clean Disruptions (06/26/2017)

257. Community Board at UPS Store- A Brilliant Idea! (06/26/2017)

258. Spring Grass Accesssories at Windermere Farmers Market (06/28/2017)

259. July 3-4th Celebrations & Fireworks in Central Florida (07/01/2017)

260. Rotary Club Members-Meeting and Pancake Breakfast on Tuesday, July 4th (07/03/2017)

261.  Celebrating the Declaration of Independence on July 4th (07/04/2017)

262. Young People Matter (07/06/2017)

263. Tesla Leading The Charge!!! (07/07/2017)

264. Garage Sale on Saturday, July 8, 8:00 am to Noon (07/08/2017)

265. Are You Really An Advertising Client of Windermere Sun? (07/10/2017)

266. G20 of 2017, Part I (07/11/2017)

267. Participate In AMENDING AMERICA on July 29, 2017! (07/11/2017)

268.Free Homebuyers Education Workshop With Rep. Bruce Antone on July 19 (07/12/2017)

269.Dr. Pamela R. Benitez Talks About Food’s Connection To Diseases on July 14 at Maitland Civic Ceneter (07/12/2017)

270.Nepotism Does Not Work In The White House (07/12/2017)

271. Moon Express Is Launching In 2017 To Inspire Space/Moon Exploration! (07/19/2017)

272. Club Pilates Grand Opening On Saturday, July 22 (07/21/2017)

273. X Prize Challenges, Inspires, and Empowers Human Kind (07/21/2017)

274. Florida Hospital-Second Harvest Food Bank Partnership (07/21/2017)

275. Healthcare: Reliving “Horatius at the Bridge” (07/28/2017)

276. Hurray! Tesla Model 3 Is Finally Here! (07/29/2017)

277. World’s Largest Lithium Ion Battery Farm in Southern Australia By Tesla/Musk (07/31/2017)

278. Nine Spices Hot Pot of Orlando (08/01/2017)

279. Wow! Round Trip Between Orlando and Paris For Only $337! (08/02/2017)

280. Trump Is Backing Reduction of Immigration (08/03/2017)

281. Windermere High School Open Campus/Schedule Pick-Up On August 10, 2017 (08/04/2017)

282. Cutest Solar Power Plant On Planet Earth Is In China! (08/05/2017)

283. Annual Ice Cream & Miracles Fundraising Event On August 19, 2017 (08/07/2017)

284. Windermere Veterans Memorial Project (08/07/2017)

285. Resolving Traffic Issue To/From New High School (08/09/2017)

286. Understanding Cryptocurrency (08/10/2017)

287. Older People Are Happier (08/11/2017)

288. China Calls For Restraint From Both U.S. and N. Korea (08/12/2017)

289. Orlando LYMMO Going Electric (08/17/2017)

290. Space X’s Dragon Successfully Completed the Delivery Mission (08/18/2017)

291. African Bush Squirrel/If You Learn From Defeat…. (08/19/2017)

292. Mount Dora Seafood Festival (08/21/2017)

293. Total Solar Eclipse, August 21, 2017 (08/21/2017)

294. Presidential Address With Changing Strategy (08/22/2017)

295. East End Market of Orlando 2017 (08/22/2017)

296. Gypset Traveling Jewelry Boutique (08/23/2017)

297. Daniel Kammen Resigns From Science Envoy of U.S. State Department (08/24/2017)

298. Taste of the Country With Danielle French (08/25/2017)

299. Heart Warming Stories During Hurricane Harvey & How You Can Help (08/28/2017)

300. What Should We Do About This “New Normal” (08/29/2017)

301.  Fleet Farming Helps To Slow Down Climate Change Via Development of Farmlettes (08/30/2017)

302. Duke Energy Is Shifting From Nuclear To Solar! (08/31/2017)

303. Labor Day Concept In A Changing World (09/04/2017)

304. Southwest Floridians, Be Prepared For Hurricane Irma (09/05/2017)

305. Will Trump’s DACA Decision Lead To Legitimacy For Dreamers? (09/05/2017)

306. Preparation For Hurricane Irma (09/06/2017)

307. Two Florida Nuclear Plants Are Shutting Down Before Irma’s Arrival (09/08/2017)

308. Prepare For Hurricane Irma-Where To Find Water, Shelters, Etc. In Central Florida (09/08/2017)

309. Hand In Hand Benefit Concert For Hurricane Harvey & Hurricane Irma Relief (09/09/2017)

310. The World Is Moving Toward EV (09/09/2017)

311. If Not Now, Then When Should We Talk About Climate Change? (09/11/2017)

312. Orange County Office of Emergency Management Message (09/12/2017)

313. Investigation of 8 Deaths at Hollywood, FL Nursing Home (09/13/2017)

314. Will Americans Be Able To Receive “Medicare For All” (09/14/2017)

315. Understanding “Medicare For All” (09/18/2017)

316. Global Peace Film Festival at Rollins College Bush Auditorium (09/20/2017)

317. There Was No Shooting At Windermere High School Today (09/21/2017)

318. Governor Scott Gives Them 60 Days To Shape Up (09/22/2017)

319. Cat Up In A Tree/Only The Weak Are Cruel…. (09/23/2017)

320.Be Wary of Scammers (09/25/2017)

321. Kneeling In Request of Compassion (09/26/2017)

322. Orlando Will Benefit: From Hyperloop To Hyperloop One (09/27/2017)

323. Yoga For Health and Longevity (09/28/2017)

324. Celebrating Lily Liu’s 2017 Birthday at Hong Kong Alley’s Kitchen of Orlando (09/29/2017)

325. Puerto Rico Getting Help From Tesla Powerwalls + Solar Panels (10/02/2017)

326. El Patron Restaurant Mexicano of Orlando (10/04/2017)

327. Canine Companions For Independence Tales & Tails Gala: Southern Pawspitality (10/10/2017)

328.Solar Decathlon 2017 Has Begun! (10/11/2017)

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