Windermere Blue Sunset (credit: Windermere Sun-Susan Sun Nunamaker)

Windermere Blue Sunset (credit: Windermere Sun-Susan Sun Nunamaker)

1. Windermere Spring Party

2. Memorial Day Celebration with BBQ & Bowties

3. Digital Concert Hall-A New Chapter In Orchestral Music

4. GumboPalooza Event-Gumbo Cookoff and Fishing Festival

5. Anime Festival

6. Windermere Annual Boat Parade

7. Century Photo Video To Immortalize Those Special Moments

8. Enchanting Original Puppet Shows by Bonnie’s Puppet Palace

9. Lobster Luau

10. Windermere Valentine’s Movie Night

11. Sugar Rush Cakery of Windermere, FL

12. Epcot’s Flower & Garden Festival

13. Landscape Tips From Your Neighbors

14. Windermere 5k Run/Walk Among The Lakes

15. What Would You Do To Reduce Food Waste in “Just Eat It-A Food Waste Movie”

16. Be Part of the “Bike To Work Day” Movement in Orlando-May 1, 2015

17. Organic, Free-Range, Grass-Fed Farm Produce From Lake Meadow Naturals of Ocoee

18. Today May Be The Last Day “You Pick Blueberries” at Beck Brothers Farm This Season

19. Mark Your Calendar For May 30, 2015, For Asian Cultural Festival in Orlando

20. Spring Celebration of the First Event Covered at Windermere Sun

21.  Fresh Made Kitchen of Orlando, FL, With Fresh & Organic Food

22. Bon Appetit at My French Cafe

23. Enjoy Gourmet Food On Wheel In Windermere On Friday Night Or Wanting To Start A Food Truck Business?

24. Annual July 4th Pancake Breakfast Celebration in Windermere, FL

25. Mini Golf Fun at Hollywood Drive-In Golf of Orlando, FL

26. Bon Appetit at My French Cafe

27. First Annual Windermere Art Affair Will Take Place in 2016!

28. Heavenly Collaboration, Online A Capella Virtual Choir of Eric Whitacre

29. Windermere Sunset-A Piece of Heaven on Earth

30. The Best Kept Secret of Orlando That Doesn’t Want To Be-Bonnie’s Puppet Palace

31. Pleasure of the Mind & Senses or Piano Lessons at Tai Shen Book Bar

32. September Dining-Luau By The Lake at the Pines

33. More September Events

34. Inspirations For Mid-Autumn (aka Moon Cake) Festival

35. Students For Liberty

36. Thumbs Up For “Merchangts of Doubt”

37. Tale of Two Brains

38. Global Peace Film Festival of Orlando, at Rollins College, in 2015

39. Gazing at Sunset For Inner Peace

40. Author Signing of “A Story of Faith” (by Rosie Moore)

41. Inspirit Yoga Studio Presents: Dr. Jason Littleton at November Holistic Chamber of Commerce of Orlando

42.‘Tis The Season To Give & Receive

43. Annual Charity Invitational Golf Tournament-Windermere Country Club

44. Orlando Open Coffee Club Meetup, 11/24/2015, 12/8/2015, 12/22/2015

45. Drumming For Your Health

46. Holiday Preparations (12/1/2015)

47. Christmas in Windermere-Movie Under the Star (12/3/2015)

48. Staycation In Central Florida Area (12/8/2015)

49. Shared Moment Will Live On For A Life Time (12/11.2015)

50. To Purify One’s Mind & Reduce Stress-Try Meditation (12/10/2015)

51. Shared Moment Will Live On For A Life Time (12/11/2015)

52. Consider Celebrating New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day at This Culinary Delight-Hotto Potto (12/31/2015)

53. Let’s Collaborate For Illusion of “Peace on Earth” Through Understanding of Time (01/01/2016)

54. Visitors To Windermere Sun Covered 6 Continents In 2015 (01/05/2016)

55. Mozart In The Jungle-Well Worth The Stream (01/07/2016)

56. Le Cafe de Paris-A Place of Intimate Ambiance w/Upcoming Live Music “A Night In Paris”-Thurs., Jan. 14, 2016 (01/12/2016)

57.  Farmer’s Market of Greater Windermere Area (01/15/2016)

58.  Sonia’s Kupcakes’ Cupcakes For Your Next Special Occasion (01/19/2016)

59.  Experience The Purity & Innocence of An Exotic Continent Through Jonathan Kioko’s Gallery (01/20/2016)

60.  Little Penny Creations Brings Message of Joy, Hope, and Happiness (01/21/2016)

61.  Kona Dog Awaits You (01/22/2016)

62.  Tasty Tuesday For Your Next Hangout (01/29/2016)

63.  Art Forms Inspired By The Month of Lunar New Year & Love (02/04/2016)

64.  Sharing Italians’ Love of Pasta (02/10/2016)

65.  Need Some Suggestions For Valentine’s Day? (02/12/2016)

66.  So You Decide To Take The Leap To Become An Entrepreneur! (02/23/2016)

67.  Marketing-The Art & Science of Persuasion (02/24/2016)

68. Disney’s Upcoming Rivers of Light Show at Animal Kingdom (03/01/2016)

69. Lakefront Farmer’s Market at Summerport Village of Windermere, FL Is Here! (03/04/2016)

70. Orlando Ballet School-For Athletics, Beauty, Fun, and Health (03/14/2016)

71. Windermere Police Department’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt on March 26, 2016 (03/16/2016)

72. A Glimpse Into The Past & Future of White House Easter Egg Roll (03/17/2016)

73. Delicate Brizilian Sweets at Windermere Farmer’s Market-Brigadeiro Go of Manu Mesquita (03/18/2016)

74. Welcome To Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival (03/28/2016)

75. 15th Annual Spring Fever In The Winter Garden Is Upon Us! (04/06/2016)

76. Welcome To 25th Annual Florida Film Festival (FFF)(04/08/2016)

77. Jason Jin, Windermere Native, Places First at Jacksonville Junior Shootout/Register For Hurricane Junior Golf Tour (HJGT)-Orange Lake Junior Open (April 23-24), Entry Deadline: April 13, 2016

78. Art Show at Town Hall Exhibited Talents of Windermere Preparatory School (04/13/2016)

79. Farm-To-Table: K Restaurant (04/14/2016)

80. Baby Boot Camp, For Strollerfitness, Fun, & Nutrition (04/18/2016)

81.  Looking at History & Upcoming Events (April 30 & May 7, 2016) of Nehrling/Palm Cottage Gardens (04/25/2016)

82. Meet the Award Winning Chinese American Film Director Kenneth Eng During Celebration of Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month (04/26/2016)

83. Check Out The Orlando Science Center For Fun and Inspirations! (04/28/2016)

84. Opportunity For Summer Camp With Everglades Youth Conservation Camp of Florida Youth Conservation Centers Network (04/29/2016)

85. Our 21st Century 4R’s Commerce (Recycle-Reuse-Repair-Reduce) in the Sharing Economy, Windermere & Winter Garden Online Yard Sale (05/02/2016)

86. Visit & Explore Your National Parks (esp. For 4th Graders, Take Advantage of Your FREE PASS)! (05/03/2016)

87. Happy Upcoming Mother’s Day! (05/05/2016)

88. I Love The 80’s-With Music By SWITCH (05/17/2016)

89. Chipotle Honorary Degree (05/18/2016)

90. Father-Daughter Team Fishing at the Windermere Dock (05/19/2016)

91.  Peak Season For U-Pick Blueberries at Beck Brothers Blueberry Farm (05/20/2016)

92. Project 7-Kids Love Yoga Camp (05/23/2016)

93. Celebrating Duanwu (aka Dragon Boat Race) Festival-June 4, 2016, at Lake Fairview Park, For The Love of Their Poet (05/25/2016)

94. Living Big In A Tiny House (05/26/2016)

95.  Sweet Bea and The Boys at Orlando International Airport (05/27/2016)

96.  Yogurt Treat For A Hot Summer Day (06/02/2016)

97.  Vaxxed Is Here/Tropical Storm Colin Briefing (06/06/2016)

98.  Art X Social Change Night at the Milk District’s Space Bar on June 12, 4:00-8:00 p.m.-Postponed (06/07/2016)

99.  Ananda Natural Soy Candle Company of Teresa Baer Olive at Windermere Farmer’s Market (06/08/2016)

100.ORC (Orlando Rowing Club) (06/09/2016)

101. Duanwu/Dragon Boar Race Festival of CAACF of 2016 at Lake Fairview Park, Orlando, FL (06/10/2016)

102. Windermere Tennis Summer Camp Starts June 20, 2016 (06/14/2016)

103.Learning Chinese Musical Instruments & Peking Opera From Changkui Tange & Jie Yu (06/21/2016)

104. GES2016 (Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2016-1)-Glocal Economy (06/27/2016)

105. GES2016 (Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2016-4)-Virtual Reality (06/30/2016)

106. July 4th at Magic Kingdom (07/04/2016)

107. New Hotto Potto Location: 1700 N. Semoran Blvd., #118, Orlando, FL Awaits You (07/06/2016)

108. Will Orlando International Airport Be Ready To Drum To The Solar Beat? (07/07/2016)

109. Katy Tate, Recipient of Tremaine’s Outstanding Alum Award, Understands That To Dance Is To Celebrate Being Alive (07/08/2016)

110.  Networking Out of the Box (07/11/2016)

111.  Massage May Be Good For Many Reasons (07/12/2016)

112. Video Games, No Longer Sedentary (07/15/2016)

113. “Quickly Boba & Snow”, Needed In Windermere & Everywhere (07/18/2016)

114. Is Our Universe A Simulation? (07/19/2016)

115. Dr. Phillips Center For Performing Arts (07/25/2016)

116.Check Out The Awesome Disney Springs! (07/27/2016)

117.YESS of Orlando, FL, Is A Valuable Resource Center, Esp. For Asian Americans! (07/28/2016)

118.Chipotle Wants You Back! (08/01/2016)

119.Chef’s Table, Well Worth Your Visit (08/03/2016)

120.Central Florida Veg Fest 2016 Is Coming! (08/15/2016)

121.Ice Cream & Miracles Fundraising Event at Allen’s Creamery & CoffeeHouse at Downtown Windermere (08/16/2016)

122.Let’s Help Our Neighbor Danilo & Barbara (08/17/2016)

123.Last Chance To Register For Windermere Little League (08/18/2016)

124.Family Food Truck Round Up at Windermere Town Hall Tonight-Thinking of a New Career in Food Truck Business? (08/26/2016)

125.Allen’s Creamery & CoffeeHouse & Winnie Palmer Hospital Collaborate in Helping Tiny Babies With Big Miracles (08/29/2016)

126.How About Starting A Bike Shop? (09/02/2016)

127.How Did You Spend Your Labor Day Weekend? (09/05/2016)

128.Online Yard Sale! (09/09/2016)

129.Home & Garden Show 2016 at Orlando Convention Center (09/14/2016)

130.Mid-Autumn Festival (09/15/2016)

131. Revisiting “My French Cafe” in 2016 (09/20/2016)

132. Chinese Calligraphy With Senior Services Director, Peter Lau, of YESS/Asia Trend (09/21/2016)

133.You’re Invited To The First Meetup of Windermere Sun, Sep.29, 2016, 6:00-7:30 PM (09/23/2016)

134.Asian Cultural Expo On Oct. 15, 2016, at Turkey Lake of Bill Frederick Park of Orlando (09/26/2016)

135.ARTlando On Oct. 1, 2016-One Day, One Festival, All Art (09/27/2016)

136.Fear Not, Out Future Will Be Full of Artistic Imagination and Customization (09/28/2016)

137.Make It To “Maker Faire Orlando” (10/03/2016)

138.Revisiting “Quickly Boba & Snow” (10/05/2016)

139.The Delicious Immune Booster Garlic Soups (10/11/2016)

140.Rootstock Plant & Garden Festival at Bok Tower Gardens on Oct.15 & 16, 2016 (10/12/2016)

141. Central Florida Solar Tour Sites (10/14/2016)

142.Asian Cultural Expo/International Dragon Boat Race of Orlando 2016 (10/17/2016)

143.Enjoy That Watermelon! (10/18/2016)

144.Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra (10/19/2016)

145.Halloween Party & Costume Party at Windermere Town Hall (10/24/2016)

146. Garage Sales on Saturday, Oct.29 (10/28/2016)

147. Trick or Treat (10/31/2016)

148.Upcoming November Events (11/12/2016)

149.Let’s Delay The Flood->Vote “NO” On Amendment 1 In November (11/01/2016)

150.Windermere & Maitland Farmer’s Market (11/10/2016)

151. Windermere Sun Meetup on Thursday, November 17, 2016 (11/11/2016)

152. Maker Faire Orlando 2016 (11/14/2016)

153. Lakes of Windermere Fall Festival at the Gazebo 2016 (11/16/2016)

154. Windermere Sun Nov. Meetup-Increasing Our Odds of Longevity Via Organic Farming/Gardening/Food/Produce (11/17/2016)

155. 30th Annual Festival of Trees of Orlando Museum of Art (11/21/2016)

156. Holiday Amaryllis Festival at Nehrling Gardens on December 10, 2016 (11/29/2016)

157. Growers & Tree Lovers, Get Ready For Windermere Treebute/Florida Arbor Day In January 2017! (12/01/2016)

158. Let It Glow….Let It Glow….(12/05/2016)

159. Orlando of Central Florida Is The #1 Winter Travel Destination (12/06/2016)

160.Free Limited Edition 2016 Collectible Holiday Ornament & Holiday Movie Night at Windermere, FL on Sat., Dec.10, 2016 (12/10/2016)

161. National Geographic’s Miniseries “Mars” Edutains Our Future Generation (12/12/2016)

162. Bringing Holiday Spirit To Our Neighborhood (12/16/2016)

163. American Spirit of NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE During Holiday Season (12/17/2016)

164. Interested in Flash Mobs? (12/21/2016)

165. How Much Does Fact Matter As We Evolve? Is Internet Creating a Splinternet (12/22/2016)

166. Amazon May Fulfill Your Dreams in 1 or 2 Hours (12/23/2016)



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