Windermere Blue Sunset (credit: Windermere Sun-Susan Sun Nunamaker)

Windermere Blue Sunset (credit: Windermere Sun-Susan Sun Nunamaker)

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1. Digital Concert Hall-A New Chapter In Orchestral Music

2. What Would You Do To Reduce Food Waste in “Just Eat It-A Food Waste Movie”

3. Enjoy Gourmet Food On Wheel In Windermere On Friday Night Or Wanting To Start A Food Truck Business?

4. Feminism 2.0-A New Chapter For A Better World

5. Here Comes The Sun

6. Students For Liberty

7. Sustainability Workshop at Orange County Citizen Planner Academy

8. Thumbs Up For “Merchants of Doubt”

9. Tale of Two Brains

10.Loving Parents Prevail-Groundbreaking Ceremony of The New West Orange Relief High School of 2017

11. Global Peace Film Festival of Orlando, at Rollins College, in 2015

12. Gazing at Sunset For Inner Peace

13. Take Part In Planning For Your/Our Community

14. 100% Electric Trnasportation & 100% Solar By 2030

15. How To Spot & Prevent Magnesium Deficiency

16. Be Informed For Your Health!

17. Inspirit Yoga Studio Presents: Dr. Jason Littleton at November Holistic Chamber of Commerce of Orlando

18. Principal Szcinski of West Orange Foresees A Robust System For 21st Century Secondary Education

19. Rules For Success!

20. Drumming For Your Health

21.  To Purify One’s Mind & Reduce Stress-Try Meditation (12/10/2015)

22.  Let’s Collaborate For Illusion of “Peace on Earth” Through Understanding of Time (01/01/2016)

23.  Many Ways For Floridians To Go Solar (01/04/2016)

24.  Update Your Software On Data Privacy Day (01/28/2016)

25.  WordPress Orlando On Site Optimization (02/01/2016)

26.  Let’s Celebrate the Beginning of the Year of the Monkey(02/08/2016)

27.  How We Should Celebrate Our Time In History (02/15/2016)

28.  What To Do For Floridians To Go Solar (02/17/2016)

29.  Need To Nourish Entrepreneurship (02/19/2016)

30.  Soul Searching of an Entrepreneur-Want-To-Be (02/22/2016)

31.   So You Decide To Take The Leap To Become An Entrepreneur (02/23/2016)

32.  Marketing-The Art & Science of Persuasion (02/24/2016)

33.  Two Important Elements of Any Business-Finance & Insurance (02/25/2016)

34.  Farming, Any One? (02/26/2016)

35.  A Natural Farm & Educational Center With Luc & Sonia Duytsche (03/02/2016)

36.  Let’s Prevent Zinc Deficiency With Natural Food (03/07/2016)

37.  Natural Healing With Sandra Sigur (03/08/2016)

38. Discussion of The Ancient Key To Longevity With Dr. John Douillard-Lymph (03/09/2016)

39. Work Saving Us From Not Just Need, But Also From Boredom and Vice (03/10/2016)

40. Orlando Ballet School-For Athletics, Beauty, Fun, and Health (03/14/2016)

41.  Shaping The Future of Health (03/15/2016)

42.  A Glimpse Into The Past & Future of White House Easter Egg Roll (03/17/2016)

43.  How Much Should We Trust? (03/21/2016)

44.  Miracle Healing Via Clean Greens (03/22/2016)

45.  Our Hats Off To Jean Vasicek, Local Beekeeper For Winter Park Honey (03/23/2016)

46.  Natural Organic Way To Rid of Dollar Weeds (03/25/2016)

47.  Be One With The Weeds (03/29/2016)

48.  Serving Dandelion at Your Table (03/30/2016)

49.  Elder’s Luncheon on April 5th/Windermere Spring Fest (April 1-3)/Obtain Healthy Brain (04/01/2016)

50.  Sharing Elon Musk’s Sustainable Future Roadmap (04/04/2016) 

51.   Unveiling of Tesla  Model 3/FB Page For Buying-Selling-Trading in Windermere & Winter Garden (04/05/2016)

52.  Welcome To 25th Annual Florida Film Festival (FFF)(04/08/2016)

53.  Find Out What “Sustainability 101” Means For Orange County (04/12/2016)

54.  Art Show at Town Hall Exhibited Talents of Windermere Preparatory School (04/13/2016)

55.  Farm-To-Table: K Restaurant (04/14/2016)

56.  Baby Boot Camp, For Strollerfitness, Fun, & Nutrition (04/18/2016)

57.  Looking at History & Upcoming Events (April 30 & May 7, 2016) of Nehrling/Palm Cottage Gardens (04/25/2016)

58.  Meet the Award Winning Chinese American Film Director Kenneth Eng During Celebration of Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month (04/26/2016)

59.  Consider Having An Egg For Breakfast As A Way To Control Weight (04/27/2016)

60.  Check Out The Orlando Science Center For Fun and Inspirations (04/28/2016)

61.   Opportunity For Summer Camp With Everglades Youth Conservation Camp of Florida Youth Conservation Centers Network (04/29/2016)

62.  Visit & Explore Your National Parks (esp. For 4th Graders, Take Advantage of Your FREE PASS)! (05/03/2016)

63.  Pioneer For Our Pre-Space Program, Colonel Joseph Kittinger (05/04/2016)

64.  Happy Upcoming Mother’s Day (05/05/2016)

65.  It’s Luck Until You’ve Done It Twice-Falcon 9 Has Done It Again! (05/06/2016)

66.  Visit NEC (National Entrepreneur Center) To Help Grow Your Business! (05/09/2016)

67.  How To Avoid Employee Fraud/Theft (05/10/2016)

68.  Want To Learn About Orange County Transportation Plan? (05/11/2016)

69.  Upcoming Breathing & Meditation Workshop at Windermere (05/12/2016)

70.  Another Opportunity With The Whole Enchilada at The Kids Cooking Connection (05/13/2016)

71.  Peak Season For U-Pick Blueberries at Beck Brothers Blueberry Farm (05/20/2016)

72.  Project 7-Kids Love Yoga Camp (05/23/2016)

73.  Living Big In A Tiny House (05/26/2016)

74. Memorial Day, Monday, May 30, 2016 (05/30/2016)

75. Citizen Planner Academy-Transportation Planning, 6/25/2016 (06/01/2016)

76. 50th Anniversary of Miranda’s Decision (06/13/2016)

77. Windermere Tennis Summer Camp Starts June 20, 2016 (06/14/2016)

78. Hydroponic Farming of Bekemeyer Family Farm in Winter Garden, Florida (06/15/2016)

79. Free Auricular Therapy at FCIM (Florida College of Integrative Medicine) On June 18, 2016 (06/20/2016)

80.Learning Chinese Musical Instruments & Peking Opera From Changkui Tange & Jie Yu (06/21/2016)

81. GES2016 (Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2016-1)-Glocal Economy (06/27/2016)

82.GES2016 (Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2016-2)-Between Senior Advisor to president Obama, Valerie Jarrett & Uber Cofounder Travis Kalanick (06/28/2018)

83. GES2016 (Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2016-3)-Why President Obama Feels Entrepreneurship Is Important (06/29/2016)

84. GES2016 (Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2016-4)-Virtual Reality (06/30/2016)

85. Delicious GES2016 Companies and Products Are Growing!! (07/05/2016)

86. Katy Tate, Recipient of Tremaine’s Outstanding Alum Award, Understands That To Dance Is To Celebrate Being Alive (07/08/2016)

87. Video Games, No Longer Sedentary! (07/15/2016)

88.Is Our Universe A Simulation? (07/19/2016)

89. What Windermere Sun Can Do For You During First Meetup, September 29, 2016, at Windermere Library-Meeting Room (07/20/2016)

90. Take Control of Your Energy Use & Save Money (07/21/2016)

91. Clean Out Your Clothes Dryer Lint & Duct To Avoid Fire! (07/22/2016)

92.Dr. Phillips Center For Performing Arts (07/25/2016)

93.How Important Is It For USA Presidential Candidate To Be Related To King John Lackland of England? (07/26/2016)

94.YESS of Orlando, FL, Is A Valuable Resource Center, Esp. For Asian Americans! (07/28/2016)

95.Be Sure To Include Healthy Fats (Medium Chain Fatty Acids/Triglycerides) In Your Meals (08/02/2016)

96.Sugar Can No Longer Be Hidden! (08/08/2016)

97.Central Florida Veg Fest 2016 Is Coming! (08/15/2016)

98.Alternate Access To Sunset Park Elementary School->Decrease Traffic Congestion (08/22/2016)

99.Floridian Voters-Make A Plan To Vote Early! Vote Yes For Amendment 4 On August Primary Ballot To Support Solar In Florida! (08/24/2016)

100.Name That School! (08/31/2016)

101.Did You Get A Call From 202-697-9576? (09/06/2016)

102.Vote “NO” On Amendment 1 In November Because Amendment 1 May Block Out The Sun (09/07/2016)

103.We Need Fair Value of Solar, Not Amendment 1 ! (09/08/2016)

104.Which School Should My Child Attend In Orange County, FL? (09/12/2016)

105.Mid-Autumn Festival (09/15/2016)

106.National Drive Electric Week-Valencia College Helping Central Floridians To Transition Into Sustainable Living (09/16/2016)

107.Sharing Clean Disruption NOW-Why Current Energy & Transportation System Will Be Obsolete by 2030 (09/22/2016)

108.You’re Invited To The First Meetup of Windermere Sun, Sep.29, 2016, 6:00-7:30 PM (09/23/2016)

109.ARTlando On Oct. 1, 2016-One Day, One Festival, All Art (09/27/2016)

110. Fear Not, Out Future Will Be Full of Artistic Imagination and Customization (09/28/2016)

111.  Install Solar For Savings In Florida!(09/30/2016)

112. Make It To “Maker Faire Orlando” (10/03/2016)

113. What To Ask Your Potential Solar Installer (10/04/2016)

114. Central Florida Solar Tour Sites (10/14/2016)

115. Create More Value Than You Capture/Work On Stuff That Matters! (10/21/2016)

116. Harvest For The Critters on November 5th (10/25/2016)

117. UCF Business Incubator Program May Help Some of the Startups in Central Florida (10/26/2016)

118.Let’s Delay The Flood->Vote “NO” On Amendment 1 In November (11/01/2016)

119.Ask David MacLean About “Superior Organic Solutions For Home & Business Owners, Farmers, and Gardeners” (11/04/2016)

120.Voters’ Information (11/07/2016)

121. Windermere Sun Meetup on Thursday, November 17, 2016 (11/11/2016)

122. Supermoon of November 13-14, 2016 (11/13/2016)

123. Maker Faire Orlando 2016 (11/14/2016)

124. Windermere Sun Nov. Meetup-Increasing Our Odds of Longevity Via Organic Farming/Gardening/Food/Produce (11/17/2016)

125. Roundabout, Solution To Florida’s Population and Traffic Growth (11/22/2016)

126. Safety Tips During Thanksgiving Holiday Season I (11/23/2016)

127. Safety Tips During Thanksgiving Holiday Season II (11/24/2016)

128. Holiday Amaryllis Festival at Nehrling Gardens on December 10, 2016 (11/29/2016)

129. What Do You Think About-One Meal Per Day? (11/30/2016)

130. Growers & Tree Lovers, Get Ready For Windermere Treebute/Florida Arbor Day In January 2017! (12/01/2016)

131. No Contest: Tesla-Solar City Solar Roof Costs Less, Is Stronger & Lasts Longer, Better Insulated, & Generate Solar Power!!! (12/07/2016)

132. Astronaut John H. Glenn Jr., After Being on Earth For 95 Years, Godspeed On Your Next Flight! (12/09/2016)

133. National Geographic’s Miniseries “Mars” Edutains Our Future Generation (12/12/2016)

134. Let’s Collaborate With USPS For Sustainable Practices (12/14/2016)

135. Will “Three-Parent” Babies Lead Us To Our Future Designer Babies? (12/15/2016)

136. How Is Your Thyroid Function? (12/20/2016)

137. How Much Does Fact Matter As We Evolve? Is Internet Creating Splinternet? (12/22/2016)

138. Windermere High School On Schedule, Interested in Working There? (12/26/2016)

139. What Is Social Enterprise (12/27/2016)

140. Publix Aprons, Teaching Us To Cook (01/02/2017)

141.  Orlando N-trak Club (01/03/2017)

142. Are You Deficient in Zinc ? (01/04/2017)

143. Dorothy Lumley Melrose Center at Orlando, Florida, Will Help You To Create! (01/05/2017)

144. Health Benefits of Marriage (01/06/2017)

145. President Obama’s Farewell Address at Chicago (01/10/2017)

146. Upcoming Chinese Lunar New Year For Year of the Rooster! (01/11/2017)

147. Amazing Digital Brushes For Procreate at (01/13/2017)

148. Tesla’s Solar City Is In Florida Looking For Ambassadors! (01/16/2017)

149. 13th Annual Windermere Treebute/Arbor Day Celebration 2017 (01/23/2017)

150. Florida Polytech Collaborates With MIT To Bring Autonomous Vehicles Course To Central Florida (01/27/2017)

151. Will All Colleges Be Free In The Future? (01/31/2017)

152. Honey Bee/Change Your Thoughts (02/04/2017)

153.Daisy Morales at Democratic Women’s Club of West Orange County of Florida (02/06/2017)

154.Hans Rosling, the Sword Swallower Who Enabled Numerical Data To Dance (02/07/2017)

155. Let’s Observe Black History Month (02/08/2017)

156. Cohousing Community, An Old Fashion Neighborhood In A New Way! (02/15/2017)

157.LifeStyle Medicine To Improve the Future of Medicine (02/21/2017)

158.Archimedes Screw at Disney Springs, FL (02/22/2017)

159.Vertical Garden of Lime Garage at Disney Springs (02/23/2017)

160.Jimmy Kimmel Has Humanized The Oscars Award Event (02/27/2017)

161.How Would You Like To Vacation At TRAPPIST-1? (02/28/2017)

162.World Maths Day or World Math Day Occurs in First Wednesday of March (03/01/2017)

163.Have Questions About Your Medicare Benefits? Pinero Preventive Medical Care of Orlando Will Help! (03/07/2017)

164.Sea Turtle/Love is…. (03/11/2017)

165.Changing Attitude Toward Cannabis by Florida Law Makers, Filing Bills to Decriminalize Small Amounts of Marijuana (03/13/2017)

166.A Day To Appreciate Pi, March 14th (03/14/2017)

167.Happy To See You Cat/Forgiveness (03/25/2017)

168.Cocoa Brothers’ Splendid Chocolates/Maddow’s Special Report on Congressional Investigation Into Trump-Russia Relationship/LIVE:Space X Launches First Recycled Rocket (03/30/2017)

169.Kids Create Art-New Session Starts April 1, 2017 (03/31/2017)

170.First Re-Used Rocket Successfully Launched by Space X, Changing Space Exploration History (03/31/2017)

171. Climate March in Communities (including Washington D.C. and Orlando) on April 29, 2017 (04/03/2017)

172. “Innovations in Sports Medicine” at Guidewell Innovation Center on April 13, 2017 (04/05/2017)

173. Hedgehog/Absolutely Unique (04/08/2017)

174. United Airlines GOOFED Big Time!!! Upgrading From Breaking Guitar to Breaking Passenger (04/11/2017)

175. Winter Garden Spring Fever Festival 2017 Was A Great Hit! (04/12/2017)

176. Special Edition: Fantastic Chalk Artists of Central Florida at Winter Garden Spring Fever Festival 2017 (04/13/2017)

177. A Glimpse Into The Past & Future of White House Easter Egg Roll-2017 (04/14/2017)

178.Update on United Airline Fiasco (04/17/2017)

179.Final Analysis of United-Dr. Dao Incident, Dr. David Dao Should Be Viewed As A Hero For American Consumers! (04/18/2017)

180.Tax March of April 15, 2017 (04/18/2017)

181. First Environmental Education Expo at Ana G. Mendez University System, Metro Orlando Campus (04/20/2017)

182. Frugality May Lead To Earlier Financial Freedom (04/21/2017)

183. March For Science on April 22, 2017 (04/22/2017)

184. Understanding Universal Basic Income (04/24/2017)

185. Interested in Farm Loans? (04/25/2017)

186. Planning For Retirement? (04/26/2017)

187. Ways To Care For Our Planet-Living Healthily & Sustainably (04/28/2017)

188. Climate March of Orlando on April 29, 2017 (05/01/2017

189. Climate March of Washington D.C. on April 29, 2017 (05/01/2017)

190. Pet Fest of Windermere 2017 (05/01/2017)

191. Cinco de Mayo Festival at Downtown Windermere on May 5, Friday (05/02/2017)

192. May-Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month (view it at a desktop computer, too many videos for smartphones) (05/03/2017)

193. Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work Day of Southwest Florida Water Management District (05/04/2017)

194. Health Care Bill That Is Not For Health Care….Time To Contact Your Senators (05/05/2017)

195. Is This A Repeat of the History?! (05/09/2017)

196. Job Fair at Sheridan at Windermere on Wed., 5/10/2017 (05/09/2017)

197. Floridians’ Grass-Root Response To House Passing Health Care Bill (05/10/2017)

198. Elon Musk/Tesla Never Fails To Bring Us Good News! (05/11/2017)

199. Orlando Mayor’s Job Fair on May 17, 2017 (05/12/2017)

200. Trump Believes Universal Health Coverage Is Better Than U.S. Current Health Care System (05/12/2017)

201. Critical Time In U.S. History-Update on Trump-Time To Refresh Our Memory (05/12/2017)

202. Pony/Patience Is Bitter (05/13/2017)

203. Comey’s Memo-A Turning Point For Trump Administration (05/16/2017)

204. Transcript Is Demanded By Senator Chuck Schumer of New York….Why Is Trump So Nice To Russia? (05/16/2017)

205. Robert S. Mueller III Is The Special Counsel To Investigate Russian Interference With U.S. 2016 Elections (05/17/2017)

206. Solar Powered Flying Pods of Transit X Are Coming (05/18/2017)

207. Senator John McCain & Lindsey Graham Reassure Us (05/18/2017)

208. Bromeliads Class at Leu Gardens (05/18/2017)

209. Wow! Did/Does Putin Pay Trump? (05/18/2017)

210. Interested In Becoming An UPS Store Franchisee? (05/19/2017)

211.  SCORE For Small Business Owners (05/19/2017)

212.  Summer Camp Registration at Orlando Science Center & in Seminole County ( 05/19/2017)

213.  Update of Investigation While Trump Is Away-1 (05/20/2017)

214.  Pigeon/Smile (05/20/2017)

215.  Bernie Sanders’ Summary (05/20/2017)

216.  In-Depth Interview of Sally Yates (05/20/2017)

217.  Update of Investigation While Trump Is Away-2, To Impeach or Not To Impeach, That Is The Question (05/21/2017)

218. Uncertainty In The House That The Mouse Built (05/22/2017)

219. Come Celebrate the “Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month” In Orlando, FL (05/24/2017)

220.Is It Really a ‘Foundation For American Greatness’? (05/24/2017)

221. Is Trump a Productive/Malignant Narcissist? (05/25/2017)

222.Jacque Fresco, American Futurist, Dreamer, and Founder of The Venus Project (05/26/2017)

223.Is President Trump In Impeachment Territory? (05/26/2017)

224.Update on Investigation While Trump Is Away-5, Jared Kushner, Son-In-Law of President Trump, Is Now Under FBI Scrutiny In Russia Probe (05/26/2017)

225. The Plot Thickens-Is It Treason/Espionage/Cov-Com? (05/29/2017)

226. Class For Gardening for Pollinators at Leu Gardens (05/30/2017)

227. Improving Health & Longevity Through Moving Meditation, Qigong, With Mesaji (05/30/2017)

228. Meet at Windermere Quilting Club (05/31/2017)

229. Fertilize Responsibility-Protect Our Surface Waters (06/01/2017)

230. Let’s Take The Watergate Temperature (06/02/2017)

231. Cat Louise/Success & Happiness (06/03/2017)

232. Florida Hospital Preparing For The Future of Medicine (06/06/2017)

233. Windermere High School Is Here! (06/07/2017)

234. Where Is America Heading After June 7, 2017, Senate Intelligence Committee Hearing? (06/08/2017)

235. James Comey’s Testimony (06/09/2017)

236. Smile, To Supercharge Your Life (06/10/2017)

237. Windermere Tennis Summer Camp Is Here! Time To Register (06/10/2017)

238. Attorneys General Brian Frosh and Karl Racine Filed Lawsuit Against Trump Due To Violation of the Emoluments Clause(06/12/2017)

239. How Can Puerto Rican Become The 51st State of USA? (06/12/2017)

240. Make Good Use Of Your Local Windermere Branch Library (aka Franklin W. Chase Memorial Public Library) (06/13/2017)

241. How To Stay Calm When You’re Stressed (06/16/2017)

242. Flying Car, The Future of Transport (06/17/2017)

243. Rodent/Technology As Magic…. (06/17/2017)

244.Nature Photography Workshop For Kids & Teens at Nehrling Gardens on Thurs., 6/22/2017 (06/19/2017)

245. Solar & Wind, No Longer The Smallest Kids On The Energy Block (06/19/2017)

245. Florida-Friendly Landscaping Program on Friday, 6/23/2017 (06/20/2017)

246. New Consumer Model For Clothing To Save Our Planet (06/21/2017)

247. Check Out ‘Nobody Speak, Trials of the Free Press’ on/after Friday, 6/23/2017 (06/22/2017)

248. Question of Obstruction of Justice  (06/23/2017)

249. Florida Solar (06/23/2017)

250. Friendship/Sunshine-No Shadow (06/24/2017)

251.  Bravo For Clean Disruptions-Toney Seba Guiding Us Through Clean Disruptions (06/26/2017)

252.  Health Benefits of Hibiscus (06/27/2017)

253.  Spring Grass Accesssories at Windermere Farmers Market (06/28/2017)

254.  “The History of Winter Garden” Will Be Presented on Thurs., July 6, 2017 (06/29/2017)




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