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Windermere Blue Sunset (credit: Windermere Sun-Susan Sun Nunamaker)

Windermere Blue Sunset (credit: Windermere Sun-Susan Sun Nunamaker)

Did you know that more Americans prefer getting their news and information from online than from radio or print newspapers? Check out the research data from Pew Research Center (<–Click). So it makes far more sense to advertise with online publications such as Windermere Sun ( to effectively reach your target audience.

Due to request of multiple viewers/businesses, we are posting the advertising rate below to save all of us some time. Windermere Sun is one of the few online publications that is truly transparent. Since our viewership is constantly increasing, the following advertising rate will be effective between January 1, 2017- June 30, 2017. Please keep in mind that Windermere Sun ( is a purely online publication, compatible with various mobile devices, reaching educated and affluent readers/viewers interested in sustainable living via: health and fitness, food, environment, travel, real estate, automotive vehicles, retail, entertainment, education, financial services, home and garden, space exploration, etc. Even though our focus is on residents in Central Florida region, since inception, we have already reached readers/viewers in 149 countries and over 3,506 cities (according to Google Analytics). So, we welcome businesses or organizations that would have either local or international appeals. If you or your organization is interested in advertising at (an online publication promoting community ABC’s (activities-businesses-collaborations) for healthier/happier/renewable/sustainable life style), please feel free to contact us via phone: 407-782-7501 of USA or email: for more information. Be sure to provide your contact information (email address, web site, and/or phone #). Windermere Sun is very selective with its clientele and only business/organization/ individual that has the common goal (promoting community business ABC’s for healthier/happier/renewable/sustainable life style) will be able to advertise at Windermere Sun ( Windermere Sun does not accept ads with pornography of any kind, nor ads that would be offensive to any religious or political groups. Windermere Sun reserves the right to determine whether an ad may be placed in

Any organization or individual business that is advertising at Windermere Sun will receive an automatic post and promotion at various social and neighborhood networks. If additional promotions are desired, further discussions will be needed. All transactions are via paypal (greater security for our clients) prior to ad appearing in Windermere Sun ( Once an agreement is reached (regarding which ad, dimension, placement, duration, cost) between two parties (Windermere Sun and organization placing the ad) and payment is completed via paypal, Windermere Sun will send a confirmation email (with detailed information regarding the agreed upon ad image, dimension, placement, duration with starting and ending date, cost, and completed transaction information) to the organization/business placing the ad to finalize the transaction. If the advertising organization finds any error or requires modification in the ad, it is up to the advertising organization to notify Windermere Sun ( via email: and  phone: 407-782-7501 within 24 hours after the ad appears in Windermere Sun ( If no correction or modification is needed within 24 hours after the appearance of the ad in Windermere Sun (, it means the advertising organization is satisfied with the result of the ad.

Part of the sales from advertising at Windermere Sun will be used toward funding/lending to small businesses/projects in various places (including Windermere, FL) via Sunisthefuture Team at Kiva, Windermere Sun Team at Kiva, and KivaZip .

Advertising Rate effective between January 1, 2017– June 30, 2017

Keep in mind that when you advertise with Windermere Sun, your ad will be shown 24 hrs/day and every minute of every day in the week. We do not sell fraction of the minute or hour or day. Businesses or organizations that advertise with Windermere Sun would be able to choose the location/post/space where the ad should appear and would receive push at various social networks. With the purchase of an ad space, there would be an initial complimentary post and push.

Left Margin

  • photo or graphical image ( 300 x 300 pixel): $100/week or $300/month
  • video ( within 2 minute duration, 300 x 300  pixel ): $150/week or $450/month
  • Ad Space Example 1-Lef Margin, Right Margin-Top of the Post, seen from laptop (mobile devices would view the center)

Right Margin

  • photo or graphical image ( 225 x 225 pixel): $80/week or $240/month
  • video (within 2 minute duration, 225 x 225 pixel ): $120/week or $360/month

Top of one post (above text portion of the post, indicated by Windermere Blue Sunset )

  • photo or graphical image ( 600 x 130 pixel ): $150/week or $450/month
  • photo or graphical image ( 300 x 65 pixel ): $100/week or $300/month
  • animated gif ( 600 x 130 pixel ): $300/week or $900/month
  • animated gif ( 300 x 65 pixel ): $200/week or $600/month
  • Ad Space Example 2-Left Margin-RIght Margin-Bottom of the Post, seen from laptop (mobile devices would view the center)

Bottom of one post (below text portion of the post, indicated by  Windermere Sun )

  • photo or graphical image ( 600 x 130 pixel ): $100/week or $300/month
  • photo or graphical image ( 300 x 65 pixel ): $90/week or $270/month
  • animated gif ( 600 x 130 pixel ): $200/week or $600/month
  • animated gif ( 300 x 65 pixel ): $150/week or $450/month

*The rate for video and animated gif above is for placement of ad. If your company/organization needs assistance in the production of logos, marketing brochures, videos or animated gif, please let us know. We can provide a list of experienced designers and videographers for you.

*Regarding effective advertising space: if your potential clients are most likely to be desktop users, then I’d suggest left or right margin in addition to the top or bottom of each post for the ad space. If your potential clients are most likely to be smartphone users, then I’d suggest top and/or bottom margins of any (or multiple posts) post(s). As for the slight rate difference between left and right margins or top and bottom of one post, it is because viewers’ eyes tend to be drawn to the left and top first, according to many studies (one of these studies).

*To get a feel of potential reach at different rates of advertising duration, please contact us via or call 407-782-7501. We are looking forward to helping you or your organization to greater reach.

~Let’s Help One Another~

Windermere Sun-Susan Sun Nunamaker, Editor-In-Chief


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