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Solar-Wind, Wind Farm near Montfort, Wisconsin (credit: Todd Spink at NREL)

Solar-Wind, Wind Farm near Montfort, Wisconsin (credit: Todd Spink at NREL)

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Windermere Blue Sunset (credit: Windermere Sun-Susan Sun Nunamaker)

Windermere Blue Sunset (credit: Windermere Sun-Susan Sun Nunamaker)

This is our first post on the topic of being GREEN. We’d like to gather some local resources/information that will be useful for you in the process of transitioning into a greener and more renewable future:

1. DSIRE : the most comprehensive source of information on incentives and policies that support renewables and energy efficiency in the United States. Established in 1995, DSIRE is now operating by the N.C. Solar Center at N.C. State University, with support from the Interstate Renewabe Energy Council, Inc. DSIRE is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy.

2. Sunisthefuture Team at Kiva: small business loans for entrepreneurs establishing small businesses or projects in solar energy/renewable energy/energy efficiency/recycling throughout different parts of the world. The team is optimistic that the sun, water, wind, and geothermal energy will lead us into a world free from pollution and war. Team members want to spread more sunshine throughout the planet earth by increasing opportunities that would make this planet earth a better place to live. This is all accomplished via microfinance. With as little as $25, any one is able to participate in helping another entrepreneur on planet earth. Just watch the power of crowdfunding behind microfinance! Lenders and borrowers alike are welcomed to join this team. Any questions or concerns may be emailed to .

3. Solar Energy businesses in/near Windermere, FL area.

4. Local Wind Power in Florida.

5. Geothermal Heating & Cooling businesses in/near Windermere, FL area.

6. Energy Efficiency businesses in/near Windermre, FL area.

7.  Recycling/Consignment at Windermere:

a.  Tres Chic Designer Boutique

8.  Start a Community Solar Farm/Garden in your community

9.  Peter Lehner (CEO & Executive Director of NRDC) Urges Floridians To Be Energy Efficient

10.Potential Business Opportunity via Landfills: Gov. Scott, Can You Really Wish This Away?!

11. Senator Bill Nelson Un-muzzles Censorship On “Climate Change”

12. Recycler of The Orange County of Florida

13. Spring Cleaning–>Treasure Hunts at Community Garage/Yard Sales

14. Celebration of Earth Day & Youtube Birthday

15. , A Great Way To Take Care of Your Shoes

16. What Would You Do To Reduce Food Waste in “Just Eat It-A Food Waste Movie”

17. Be Part of the “Bike To Work Day” Movement in Orlando-May 1, 2015

18. Elon Musk’s Powerwall & Powerpack Will Transform Our Future

19. Let’s Thrive With Thrive Market

20. Today May Be The Last Day For “You Pick Blueberries” at Beck Brothers Farm This Season

21.  Solar Energy & Art Via Bike Paths

22.  Let’s Follow The French Example To Sun-Up Rooftops

23. Time To Unshackle Ourselves From Fossil Fuels & Be Ready For A Cleaner, Healthier, and Brighter Solar Energy Future!

24. Helping Our Community By Recycling Our E-Wastes

25. Here Comes The Sun

26. Let’s Try To Become Part of the Blue Zone Community

27. Sustainability Workshp at Orange County Citizen Planner Academy

28. Pretty Women Consignment Shop, Where Women Are Treated Beautifully

29. Upcoming Central Florida Veg Fest 2015

30. Community Yard Sale at Providence Community on Oct. 17, 2015

31. 100% Electric Transportation & 100% Solar By 2030

32. Let The SunShine In The Sunshine State-Floridians For Solar Choice!

33. Recycle-Reuse For Orange County Greener Living

34. Contest Supporting “Floridians For Solar Choice” Ballot Initiative

35. People Have Spoken-Keep The Oil In The Ground & Let The SunShine In

36. Central Florida Solar Advocates Meet The Solar Installers (12/2/2015)

37. Upscale Apparel With Vivien Spuehler (12/1/4/2015)

38. Solar For Oil: Miracle On Pennsylvania Avenue (12/21/2015)

39.  Merry Christmas & Have A Sunny 2016! (12/25/2015)

40.  Many Ways For Floridians To Go Solar (01/04/2016)

41.   Visitors To Windermere Sun Covered 6 Continents In 2015 (01/05/2016)

42.  Remember The New Once-Per-Week Collection For Waste & Recycling (01/06/2016)

43.  Sustainability In Marriages (01/08/2016)

44. Meritage Homes Sets Solar Standard For Future Homes & Anticipation For President Obama’s Final State of the Union Address (01/11/2016)

45.  POTUS Who Tweets (01/13/2016)

46.  12th Annual Windermere Treebute-Florida Arbor Day Celebration & Festival On Saturday, January 16, 2016 (01/14/2016)

47.  Updates on Floridians For Solar Choice/NFIB Free Webinars For Small Business (01/25/2016)

48.  How To Clean Out Your Closet While Making Some Cash Too (01/26/2016)

49.  Let’s Keep Our Lakes Clean (01/27/2016)

50.  Elon Musk Looking Into The Future (02/02/2016)

51.   What To Do With These Old Mattresses?! (02/09/2016)

52.   Need Some Suggestions For Valentine’s Day? (02/12/2016)

53.   Fresh Produce To Your Door (02/16/2016)

54.   What To Do For Floridians To Go Solar (02/17/2016)

55.   Farming, Any One ? (02/26/2016)

56.  Florida’s Sunshine To Be Caught By Mickey’s Solar Farm & Floridians For Solar Choice (2/29/2016)

57.  A Natural Farm & Educational Center With Luc & Sonia Duytsche (03/02/2016)

58. (03/03/2016)

59.  Miracle Healing Via Clean Greens (03/22/2016)

60.  Our Hats Off To Jean Vasicek, Local Beekeeper For Winter Park Honey (03/23/2016)

61.  Natural Organic Way To Rid of Dollar Weeds (03/25/2016)

62.  Be One With The Weeds (03/29/2016)

63.  Serving Dandelion at Your Table (03/30/2016)

64.  Sharing Elon Musk’s Sustainable Future Roadmap (04/04/2016)

65.  Unveiling of Tesla Model 3/FB Page For Buying-Selling-Trading in Windermere & Winter Garden

66.  Our Very Own Floridian Teen Entrepreneur For NOHBO, Swimming With The Sharks (04/07/2016)

67.  Find Out What “Sustainability 101” Means For Orange County (04/12/2016)

68.  Recycler Updates (04/15/2016)

69.  Looking at History & Upcoming Events (April 30 & May 7, 2016) of Nehrling/Palm Cottage Gardens (04/25/2016)

70.  Opportunity For Summer Camp With Everglades Youth Conservation Camp of Florida Youth Conservation Centers Network (04/29/2016)

71.   Our 21st Century 4R’s Commerce (Recycle-Reuse-Repair-Reduce) in the Sharing Economy, Windermere & Winter Garden Online Yard Sale (05/02/2016)

72.  Visit & Explore Your National Parks (esp. For 4th Graders, Take Advantage of Your FREE PASS)! (05/03/2016)

73.  It’s Luck Until You’ve Done It Twice-Falcon 9 Has Done It Again! (05/06/2016)

74.  Peak Season For U-Pick Blueberries at Beck Brothers Blueberry Farm (05/20/2016)

75.  Living Big In A Tiny House (05/26/2016)

76.  Citizen Planner Academy-Transportation Planning, 6/25/2016 (06/01/2016)

77.  Elon Musk Talks About Future and AI During Code Conference 2016 (06/03/2016)

78. Ananda Natural Soy Candle Company of Teresa Baer Olive at Windermere Farmer’s Market (06/08/2016)

79. Hydroponic Farming of Bekemeyer Family Farm in Winter Garden, Florida (06/15/2016)

80.GES2016 (Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2016-2)-Between Senior Advisor to president Obama, Valerie Jarrett & Uber Cofounder Travis Kalanick (06/28/2018)

81.Will Orlando International Airport Be Ready To Drum To The Solar Beat? (07/07/2016)

82.What Windermere Sun Can Do For You During First Meetup, September 29, 2016, at Windermere Library-Meeting Room (07/20/2016)

83.Take Control of Your Energy Use & Save Money (07/21/2016)

84.Central Florida Veg Fest 2016 Is Coming! (08/15/2016)

85.Vote YES On Amendment 4 On August Primary Ballot To Support Solar In Florida (08/25/2016)

86.We Did It! Amendment 4 Passed! (08/30/2016)

87.How About Starting A Bike Shop? (09/02/2016)

88.Vote “NO” On Amendment 1 In November Because Amendment 1 May Block Out The Sun (09/07/2016)

89.We Need Fair Value of Solar, Not Amendment 1 ! (09/08/2016)

90.Online Yard Sale! (09/09/2016)

91. Home & Garden Show 2016 at Orlando Convention Center (09/14/2016)

92.National Drive Electric Week-Valencia College Helping Central Floridians To Transition Into Sustainable Living (09/16/2016)

93.Special Edition-Celebrating National Drive Electric Week-Any One Interested In Starting A Smartscooter Franchise Via Gogoro? (09/17/2016)

94.Chinese Calligraphy With Senior Services Director, Peter Lau, of YESS/Asia Trend (09/21/2016)

95.Sharing Clean Disruption NOW-Why Current Energy & Transportation System Will Be Obsolete by 2030 (09/22/2016)

96.You’re Invited To The First Meetup of Windermere Sun, Sep.29, 2016, 6:00-7:30 PM (09/23/2016)

97.ARTlando On Oct. 1, 2016-One Day, One Festival, All Art (09/27/2016)

98.Fear Not, Out Future Will Be Full of Artistic Imagination and Customization (09/28/2016)

99.Our First Meetup at Windermere Branch Library (aka Franklin W. Chase Memorial Public Library)-Meeting Room, 6:00-7:30 PM!(09/29/2016)

100.Install Solar For Savings In Florida!(09/30/2016)

101. What To Ask Your Potential Solar Installer (10/04/2016)

102. Vote “NO” On Amendment 1 In November!!! (10/10/2016)

103.The Delicious Immune Booster Garlic Soups (10/11/2016)

104. Rootstock Plant & Garden Festival at Bok Tower Gardens on Oct.15 & 16, 2016 (10/12/2016)

105. Central Florida Solar Tour Sites (10/14/2016)

106. Harvest For The Critters on November 5th (10/25/2016)

107. Garage Sales on Saturday, Oct. 29 (10/28/2016)

108.The Future We Want: Solar Roof+EV+Battery Storage (10/29/2016)

109.Let’s Delay The Flood->Vote “NO” On Amendment 1 In November (11/01/2016)

109.Upcoming November Events (11/12/2016)

110.Ask David MacLean About “Superior Organic Solutions For Home & Business Owners, Farmers, and Gardeners” (11/04/2016)

111. Amendment 1 Is Defeated! Florida Needs Fair Value of Solar! (11/08/2016)

112.Windermere & Maitland Farmer’s Market (11/10/2016)

113. Windermere Sun Meetup on Thursday, November 17, 2016 (11/11/2016)

114. Windermere Sun Nov. Meetup-Increasing Our Odds of Longevity Via Organic Farming/Gardening/Food/Produce (11/17/2016)

115. Marshall Pitcairn’s Indiegogo Campaign For Zero Energy Apartment Living For Cleaner/Renewable Future (11/18/2016)

116. 30th Annual Festival of Trees of Orlando Museum of Art (11/21/2016)

117. Safety Tips During Thanksgiving Holiday Season I (11/23/2016)

118.Floridians, Let’s Help Marshall To Spread The Sunshine! (11/28/2016)

119. Holiday Amaryllis Festival at Nehrling Gardens on December 10, 2016 (11/29/2016)

120. Growers & Tree Lovers, Get Ready For Windermere Treebute/Florida Arbor Day In January 2017! (12/01/2016)

121. No Contest: Tesla-Solar City Solar Roof Costs Less, Is Stronger & Lasts Longer, Better Insulated, & Generate Solar Power!!! (12/07/2016)

122.Our Future With Elon Musk’s Master Plan, Part II/Passing of John Glenn (12/08/2016)

123.Holiday Elf at USPS & Holiday Alternatives (12/13/2016)

124.Let’s Collaborate With USPS For Sustainable Practices (12/14/2016)

125. Need Funding? Stage Is Set For Renewable and Solar Energy Projects (12/19/2016)

126. How Much Does Fact Matter As We Evolve? Is Internet Creating a Splinternet (12/22/2016)

127. What Is Social Enterprise (12/27/2016)

128. Hidden Cypress Hollow at Windermere Farmer’s Market (01/09/2017)

129.President Obama’s Farewell Address at Chicago (01/10/2017)

130. Tesla’s Solar City Is In Florida Looking For Ambassadors! (01/16/2017)

131.  13th Annual Windermere Treebute/Arbor Day Celebration 2017 (01/23/2017)

132. Whole Foods’ Market Now Delivers (01/26/2017)

133. Florida Polytech Collaborates With MIT To Bring Autonomous Vehicles Course To Central Florida (01/27/2017)

134. The Future of Protein (02/02/2017)

135.Daisy Morales at Democratic Women’s Club of West Orange County of Florida (02/06/2017)

136.Hans Rosling, the Sword Swallower Who Enabled Numerical Data To Dance (02/07/2017)

137.Interesting Valentine Gift Ideas (02/10/2017)

138.Cohousing Community, An Old Fashion Neighborhood In A New Way! (02/15/2017)

139.Tour Latino on Sunday, Feb. 19, 2017 (02/17/2017)

140.LifeStyle Medicine To Improve the Future of Medicine (02/21/2017)

141.Vertical Garden of Lime Garage at Disney Springs (02/23/2017)

142.Have You Tried Any Meal-Kit Delivery Services? (02/24/2017)

143.Seasons 52 With Fresh Seasonal Ingredients (03/02/2017)

144.Hunt For Treasures at Berkshire Park Community Spring Garage Sales On Saturday, March 11, 2017 (03/09/2017)

145.Changing Attitude Toward Cannabis by Florida Law Makers, Filing Bills to Decriminalize Small Amounts of Marijuana (03/13/2017)

146.Ad Space in Windermere Sun ( is Valuable and Effective (03/16/2017)

147.Windermere Downtown Activities (03/27/2017)

148.Cocoa Brothers’ Splendid Chocolates/Maddow’s Special Report on Congressional Investigation Into Trump-Russia Relationship/LIVE:Space X Launches First Recycled Rocket (03/30/2017)

149.First Re-Used Rocket Successfully Launched by Space X, Changing Space Exploration History (03/31/2017)

150.Climate March in Communities (including Washington D.C. and Orlando) on April 29, 2017 (04/03/2017)

151. Upcoming Winter Garden Spring Fever Festival on April 8 & 9, 2017 (04/04/2017)

152. Let’s Celebrate & Protect Our Home, The Beautiful Blue Planet-Earth, On Earth Day or Any Other Day (04/06/2017)

153. Hedgehog/Absolutely Unique (04/08/2017)

154. Mother’s Love Behind the Story of Kashmiir Cocoa Tea at Windermere Farmers Market (04/10/2017)

155. Winter Garden Spring Fever Festival 2017 Was A Great Hit! (04/12/2017)

156. Special Edition: Fantastic Chalk Artists of Central Florida at Winter Garden Spring Fever Festival 2017 (04/13/2017)

157. First Environmental Education Expo at Ana G. Mendez University System, Metro Orlando Campus (04/20/2017)

158. Frugality May Lead To Earlier Financial Freedom (04/21/2017)

159. March For Science on April 22, 2017 (04/22/2017)

160. Interested in Farm Loans? (04/25/2017)

161.  Ways To Care For Our Planet-Living Healthily & Sustainably (04/28/2017)

162. Climate March of Orlando on April 29, 2017 (05/01/2017)

163. Climate March of Washington D.C. on April 29, 2017 (05/01/2017)

164. Casselberry Earth Fest 2017 (05/02/2017)

165. May-Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month (view it at a desktop computer, too many videos for smartphones) (05/03/2017)

166. Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work Day of Southwest Florida Water Management District (05/04/2017)

167. Land Development Opportunity (05/04/2017)

168. Upcoming Nehrling Gardens Events-May 6 & 13, 2017 (05/05/2017)

169. Which Solar Vehicle Will Make It Into The U.S. Showroom First: Tesla or Toyota? (05/08/2017)

170. Elon Musk/Tesla Never Fails To Bring Us Good News! (05/11/2017)

171.  Solar Powered Flying Pods of Transit X Are Coming (05/18/2017)

172. Bromeliads Class at Leu Gardens (05/18/2017)

173. Garage/Estate Sales on Saturday, May 20, 2017, in Windermere (05/20/2017)

174. Special Report on Trump’s Meeting With The Pope (05/24/2017)

175. Come Celebrate the “Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month” In Orlando, FL (05/24/2017)

176. Is It Really a ‘Foundation For American Greatness’? (05/24/2017)

177. Jacque Fresco, American Futurist, Dreamer, and Founder of The Venus Project (05/26/2017)

178. Class For Gardening for Pollinators at Leu Gardens (05/30/2017)

179. Fertilize Responsibility-Protect Our Surface Waters (06/01/2017)

180. Enter Your Yard For Southwest Florida-Tampa Bay Water’s Annual Water-Wise Awards Today (06/05/2017)

181. Solar & Wind, No Longer The Smallest Kids On The Energy Block (06/19/2017)

182.  Florida-Friendly Landscaping Program on Friday, 6/23/2017 (06/20/2017)

183.  New Consumer Model For Clothing To Save Our Planet (06/21/2017)

184.  Florida Solar (06/23/2017)

185.  Bravo For Clean Disruptions-Toney Seba Guiding Us Through Clean Disruptions (06/26/2017)

186.  Spring Grass Accesssories at Windermere Farmers Market (06/28/2017)

187.  Orange County 2017 Think 5 Poster Design Challenger-Winners For Recycling! (06/30/2017)

188. Tesla Leading The Charge!!! (07/07/2017)

189. Garage Sale on Saturday, July 8, 8:00 am to Noon (07/08/2017)

190. Are You Really An Advertising Client of Windermere Sun? (07/10/2017)

191.  G20 of 2017, Part I (07/11/2017)

192. Wake Up Call-Iceberg Breaking Away From Larsen C In America (07/13/2017)

193. What Elon Musk Sees In The Future (07/17/2017)

194. Look Out For “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power” (07/18/2017)

195. Moon Express Is Launching In 2017 To Inspire Space/Moon Exploration! (07/19/2017)

196. X Prize Challenges, Inspires, and Empowers Human Kind (07/21/2017)

197. Florida Hospital-Second Harvest Food Bank Partnership (07/21/2017)

198. Using Reclaimed Water As Part of the Solution (07/24/2017)

199. Florida Climate Summit of 2017 Will Take Place on Aug. 12 (07/27/2017)

200. Hurray! Tesla Model 3 Is Finally Here! (07/29/2017)

201. World’s Largest Lithium Ion Battery Farm in Southern Australia By Tesla/Musk (07/31/2017)

202. Tropical Storm Emily Is Moving Through Florida (07/31/2017)

203. Cutest Solar Power Plant On Planet Earth Is In China! (08/05/2017)

204. Imprinting/Do Not Go Where The Path May Lead….(08/05/2017)

205. Orlando LYMMO Going Electric (08/17/2017)

206. Florida Climate Summit at Orlando in August, 2017 (08/18/2017)

207. Space X’s Dragon Successfully Completed the Delivery Mission (08/18/2017)

208. East End Market of Orlando 2017 (08/22/2017)

209. Daniel Kammen Resigns From Science Envoy of U.S. State Department (08/24/2017)

210.  Taste of the Country With Danielle French (08/25/2017)

211.  What Should We Do About This “New Normal” (08/29/2017)

212. Fleet Farming Helps To Slow Down Climate Change Via Development of Farmlettes (08/30/2017)

213. Duke Energy Is Shifting From Nuclear To Solar! (08/31/2017)

214. The World Is Moving Toward EV (09/09/2017)

215. If Not Now, Then When Should We Talk About Climate Change? (09/11/2017)

216. Lend A Hand To Our Neighbors In Need (09/19/2017)

217. Orlando Will Benefit: From Hyperloop To Hyperloop One (09/27/2017)

218. Puerto Rico Getting Help From Tesla Powerwalls + Solar Panels (10/02/2017)

219. Visit Tibet-Butler Preserve (Vera Carter Environmental Center) (10/05/2017)

220.Solar Decathlon 2017 Has Begun! (10/11/2017)

221.Some American Designs at the Solar Decathlon 2017 (10/12/2017)


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